NYC family

I’ve been bought up in Stoke-on-Trent. From the age of two weeks I was adopted by my English mum and dad from Sri Lanka. My little brother is also adopted he is mixed race, English and Afro-Caribbean. So, my family has mixed backgrounds! Because of my dads job we as a family have travelled a huge amount, to the US, Japan and europe. All of this has contributed to my interest in culture.

I studied Sociology at The University of Birmingham where I achieved a 2:1 BA (Hons). During the course I studied ethnicity in the city and youth culture.  I investigated contemporary arranged marriages for my dissertation. I built good relations with the south asian community in Birmingham and the women opened up to me about the negotiations that take place in arranging marriages. I researched mainly Muslim women, where marriage is often a private affair.

In  my second year at Birmingham University I worked with a youth organisation and interviewed Paul Willis, a leading British cultural theorist who inspired me further to write and work with kids from troubled backgrounds. To further my dream of writing I’ve been training to be a broadcast journalist at Staffordshire University. The course has given me hands on experience from cameras, filming and editing to presenting and interviewing. This summer I’ve trained at the Observer Woman magazine and the BBC.

Now, I have been lucky enough to work in parliament for a Conservative Whip. I work with Hansard reporters, political writers and assist in speech writing. I’m also working within the constituency for the MP who I work for and deal with case work.

I’ll keep you updated to how all this goes…


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